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walk in vault
3/4" steel gun vault
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Rhinovault Inc., designs and builds safe rooms, security structures, storm shelters, walk in gun rooms, custom ballistic doors and modular security vaults for new or existing homes and businesses.

Our security structures, safe rooms, ballistic protection systems and vaults are designed and engineered to meet or exceed the industry standards and will provide excellent protection against hostile entry, fire, severe weather or just a place to secure your valuables.

Custom built below ground storm shelters and security vaults may be designed for multipurpose applications in many different sizes. If your looking for a complete package, RhinoVault can provide your vault or safe room with gun racks and cabinets that are designed specifically for your type and volume of firearms. Some of our vaults and safe rooms may be built into a closet or in an home, business and may also be designed as a hidden room or secret vault by the use of a special hidden door or secret panels.

walk in vault safe roomWe design,manufacture and install our safe rooms and vaults according to customers requested size, location and specific needs. Many customized sizes, types of systems are available and quoted upon request.

A family or business with an internal safe room or panic room will be able reach the shelter or security structure without having to leave the house and risk exposure to high winds, forced entry, lightning, or other threatening conditions. For those reasons, the occupants of a house equipped with an internal safe room are more likely to protect themselves adequately during extreme weather. The door is one of the most important components of a safe room. We offer many locking options for both the safe rooms and gun vaults. From custom multiple locking options, to singular combination locks, we can dial in your locking preference according to your specific security needs.

Every home should have a secure room for bad weather, securing valuables, or storing items from burglary or protection from fire and ballistic protection. Excellent for security rooms, modular vaults may be accessed through an existing door and assembled to form a large security structure. Once anchored they provide a secure weather resistant structure. We offer stand alone safe rooms or modular safe rooms that may be installed into an existing closet then anchored to the concrete slab. We also offer fire rating on some of our safe rooms. Specialized fire rated panels may be installed in the interior that also provide fire protection for guns and valuables.


We will design and build high security bullet resistant pocket doors for existing homes and businesses.


safe room door

Our fema safe room doors provide excellent protection for use in safe rooms, gun vaults, hidden rooms, computer rooms and other applications. Our doors are designed and engineered to be specifically used as protection against wind loads found in tornadoes and hurricanes.

Our Basic Safe Room Doors may easily installed into an existing 4" - 18" thick wall opening and if you are construction your own safe room, we can build for that opening and wall thickness. Whether you are using a concrete wall, CMU block wall or ICF (insulated concrete form) wall, we can design a frame that wil fit the opening. Deadbolts or other locks may be incorporated into each safe room door to assure it will be both secure and function when needed.




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