inside vault room looking into safe room area
stairwell with sump pump located beneath grating

A below ground vault with several rooms inside can be a great idea for people with special applications. Below ground vaults are built out of steel and totally encased in concrete. Moisture barriers are installed in the vault room to prevent any 'sweating'. Dehumidifiers are installed if needed.

Electrical, Communication lines can be built into the unit. Recessed lighting and switching is installed into rooms.

Standard or custom vault doors may be installed where needed to provide the proper security. Locks of all kinds can be integrated into the vault doors. Mechanical, keyed entry, combination, proximity, biometric are available.


Fort Knox vault door

Too Many Guns and not enough room?

Guns are expensive and need to be placed in an area free from humidity and dust. The problem is that most common gun vaults sold on the market today are too small and if you have a good size collection it is hard to organize weapons without having to remove several in order to reach the one you're after. wood flooring with pocket door

Turning a small room into a gun vault isn't as difficult as it might seem. Installing a nice vault door and making the room into a nice show piece is a good idea and something you will feel good about once it is installed. More room allows for better organization.

Larger gun vaults can allow for use as a safe room or a safe place for family members if severe weather is a problem in your area.

We custom build vaults with steel and/or concrete and include fire resistant properties with high fire rating. These hefty vaults will give your investment the proper protection it needs and last for the life of your home.

How about an inner 1/4" A 36 plate steel wall plate with an encasement of 4" to 12" inches of concrete and fire resistant material? Wall thickness vary upon desired security.

Vaults can be built above ground in a hidden room or below ground beneath a home or just outside under the ground hidden from view.


loking into safe room area  from stairwell
safe room door leading up to house