Pocket doors were extremely popular during the late-1800s and early 1900s. Many historic homes, especially older Victorian syle, still hold fine examples of these antique doors. Pocket doors travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track, although some also feature tracks or guides along the floor. New security applications and benefits of pocket doors have been recently rekindled. In the past pocket doors were used mainly for architectural effect or when there was no room for the swing of a conventional door. Our pocket door frames are designed to compensate for load bearing walls. Pocket doors may be installed in concrete walls prior to pouring concrete also. pocket door is a door that slides along its length and disappears, when open, into a compartment located in the adjacent wall.

A pocket door is a sliding door that slides along its length and disappears, when open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, or when there is no room for the swing of a conventional door. They usually travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track, although some also feature tracks or guides along the floor. Both single- and double-door versions are used, depending on how wide an entry is desired.

Installing a pocket door rather than a traditional hinged door can add an average of ten square feet of floor space, according to building expert Tim Carter, who considers the pocket door "one of the top ten most overlooked items when many architects and builders plan a home." The doors were particularly common in Victorian homes to close off such areas as sitting rooms or dens; however, as architectural tastes changed, many of the hardware manufacturers went out of business. With improvement in the hardware and the growth of the market for condominiums and town homes, there has been a resurgence of interest in this space-saving feature. Modern residential uses include bathrooms, closets, laundry or utility rooms, or home offices. A wall-hung variation called an "open pocket door" may be used where in-wall installation is impractical; this version is recommended for homes with disabled residents due to greater ease of opening compared to traditional hinged, pull-open doors.


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A pocket door frame absorbs any impact presented to the door during severe weather events, hostile entry, or other threatening situations. Bolts and hinges, as found on most swing in doors, are not needed and therefore are not a weak point in the assembly. Ballistic (bullet resistant) rated panels may be integrated into the pocket doors as well. Many of our pocket door systems have an actuator with an emergency inside release.

"We have taken the basic pocket door concept and are presently using it with our vault and protective wall systems as a practical and efficient security barrier against hostile entry and extreme weather events." Ballistics


Door may be constructed of steel, composite or ballistic resistant materials with a wood finish

Pocket doors can provide a clean look,as well as giving you the option of closing off a room for privacy and covering with ordinary swing door or bookcase door.. Installing a pocket door also provides easier access for wheel chairs or walkers and handicapped persons

"Security Pocket Doors may be used in some of our Vaults and Safe Rooms-" Click here


Ballistic Door (pocket door)  in recessed positionBallistic Door (pocket door) installed into walk in closet

All of our pocket door frames are constructed of heavy gauge steel and or UL rated ballistic composite material. Rollers are neoprene rubber with sealed bearings. No less than 8 rollers per door in most cases (depends on the size and weight of the door). This allows for smooth and quiet operation and long lasting trouble free operation (not like the 'rattle" of the older pocket door systems).

Many Access and locking systems are available. Keypad, Proximity, Biometric, Remote Access and other entry setups may be retrofitted. In some situations electric actuators may be used for opening and closing pocket door systems.

Frames are powder coated to color. Custom built to fit opening and wall type.

May be anchored to the inside of a concrete wall, such as a safe room. Outer swing door or french doors may be installed to hide the pocket door


These are photos of a pocket door system installed into a secure room. This Keyless remote, keypad emergency exit, backup battery.

Below is a video of a pocket door installed into a hardened concrete structure (UL 752 Level 5) Doubles as a safe-panic room. Controls on the inside of the room lock out remotes and shuts off wireless signal to unit. Safety features and quiet operation. Door weighs in at about 1200 lbs. Features electronic eyes, Keyess remotes, battery backup and keypad controls. Protection: AK 47


Security Pocket Door

Walk-in Closet

- Pocket doors designed for hostile entry and storm protection

- Steel frame instead of wood that has a tendency to warp

- Powdercoated for long life.

- Anchored to floor and walls

- May be equipped with electric actuator

- Keypad, remote, keyless entry available.

- Backup battery available

- Great for panic rooms for families with small children.

- Wood finish may be used for architectual finish

- Custom built to fit existing opening of room

- Smooth and quiet operation


pocket door frame installation


ballistic pocket door

pocket door frame installed

We can build you a pocket door for an exiting frame with bullet resistant and entry resistant properties.


Securitron power box with controller box wired into concrete and steel vaultLevel 8 ballistic panel with steel frame. This system is used in some of our pocket door systems.Leveling pocket door frame Exit button located on the inside of concrete and steel vault with pocket door
The Picture above shows the 24Volt power supply with backup battery for multiple magnalocks used on pocket doors and a control box for the keypad entry device. Exit button which releases magnalocks or mechanical lock and opens the pocket door. Actuators on includes on some models. Call for details




sliding pocket door


Example of an operating security pocket door in ICF or concrete wall system using a magnetic lock system.


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