Modular Vaults for Guns and Security


Covert a closet or small room into a safe room, or security vault with our modular panels. 90% or more of our vaults are constructed using 1/4" thick steel panels that are assembled and bolted to a sturdy frame using high strength 1/2" bolts.

This type of security structure will withstand severe weather, hostile entry and give your family a great sense of security for years. Plus you can take it with you if you move.

Every home should have one secure room for valuables and personal safety. If you are a homeowner or builder and are looking for a secure area for your upcoming build or existing home this system may be the answer for you.

modular vault

Modular Vault for Existing Homes


Turning an existing room or closet into a safe room, security vault, or gun closet is possible by using modular steel panels that are assembled from the inside of the room with not welding.

Once the safe room or vault is assembled in the existing room, it is anchored to concrete. Existing closet door may be removed unless its an outswing.

A vault or high security door is bolted to the assembled vault. For fire protection, the seams between the panels are sealed with 3M or other type of fire resistant caulk. The steel panels may be covered with firerated sheetrock or ceramic fiber.This would give the structure a minimum 2 hr. fire rating. Extra fire resistant type panels may be added for additional protection.

custom vault room


This customized vault has a steel security pocket door built into the unit. The door is automated with battery backup, electronic eyes, keyless remote and other options.


re-locatable vault room


Secure Vault Room Installed.

Finished product is a nice looking vault door with electronic or biometric locking system. Great way to turn a closed or room into a secure vault for valuables and a room to use in the case of severe weather situations. Room may be outfitted with electrical outlets and lighting. Electric lines may be added and connected into existing circuit.

Depending on the size of the closet, installation is usually accomplished in one day. Built to fit existing closet or room. Door opening and room is measured prior to ordering.




See Below Ground Vault Diagrams Page Here

modular gun vault

These two pictures are of a modular gun vault. Atf inspected for firearm storage. Lower view is from the inside of the vault room.

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