Community Safe Rooms

Know Your Risk And Have A Safe Place To Go……

When severe weather threatens, single families and larger communities need advance warning and protection from the dangerous forces of extreme winds.

Individuals and communities in high-risk tornado and hurricane areas continue to address the need and combined benefits of structurally sound residential and community storm shelters and an early alert systems.Concrete community shelter

We offer large community and above ground safe rooms and storm shelters. Our modular design allows for less set up and installation time. We can build a 10 x 25 ft. or 20 x 60 ft. or larger. We design systems for communities or large businesses that are prone to severe wind and hostile weather.

Our structures are constructed with a steel engineered interior 'core' with an outer concrete reinforced barrier between 4" to 8" thick on the sides and top. The interior 'steel core' provides added protection from concrete 'spalling' in the event of a large object striking the safe room exterior. Properly shielded vents and reinforced entry systems add for comfort and easy access. Benches around perimeter wall are a standard feature.. Electrical outlets and lighting are designed according to customers requirements


Steel community storm shelter and safe room module

Our above ground community safe rooms are engineered and designed to be tornado and hurricane resistant and have two layers of protection from flying debris and airborne projectiles. Designed specifically for large communities that live in areas prones to destructive winds and severe weather. Meets all FEMA guidlines for community shelters and safe room specifications. (see FEMA publication 361).


Our above ground community safe rooms may be landscaped with grass or shrubs, sidewalks and walkways. Walkway lighting and shelter location signs are posted for easy recognition.Concrete piers for secure anchoring`

An emergency siren can be added and controlled by local shelter manager or other civil authorities. A mounted strobe light is ideal for locating shelter during emergency periods.

"Our large safe rooms are set on pre-installed piers or beams, then concrete tilt-up panels are added. Installation is usually complete in one or two days which helps to minimize the inconvenience of unwanted construction noise in residential and business locations."